About Us


Patty Gonzalez

I love it when I see a photo and it makes me feel an emotion, but what I love even more is when there is a collection of photographs that allow me to live a moment.  The ability of preserving a moment for someone is really what being a photographer is all about, it’s the reason I am most happy when I have my camera in my hand.  I want people to look though the photographs that I have created for them and not just feel something but experience an explosion of feelings.  And what drives me is the idea that one of my clients, 10, 15, 20 years from now, can look through these same photographs and experience that same explosion of feelings they felt the first day they saw my pictures.  Creating memories is what makes my job the most important job in the world.  My photographs can help someone reconnect with their past and allow the past to come back to life.  I like to think that I have a superpower that I can be used for good!  All kidding aside I may not be a superhero but I truly believe that what I do is important.
I have always loved photography, but once I actually started taking photographs I became addicted.  I quickly realized that I had a love for the work I do- it was obvious.  People inspire me. Why people?  There are sooo many reasons, but I think my addiction is truly fueled by love.  I know this sounds simple but love is the most powerful emotion on the planet.  Love is the reason I photograph people.  I like to find differences in people that set them apart; that make them unique.  Every person, couple, family has a story to tell and I love the challenge of unmasking the layers to reveal the rawness of each person and those relationships that I photograph.  When asked what “style” of photography I like most, I seriously can’t make up my mind.  I find that I get inspiration from fashion, food, books, music; I just like variety in my life.  I often like to think of it as a recipe.  I shoot a handful of candid poses, a pinch of dramatic lighting, a ½ cup of photojournalism, 2 tsp of modern inspirations, and a pound of editorial.  P.S. this formula can vary depending on what I am “baking” a.k.a. my client.  I realized that I have called myself a superhero and a chef all in one paragraph, but I can’t help it if I like analogies.  I also love coffee, Christmas, bows, all things handmade, gardenias, cheese, red velvet cupcakes, coffee ice cream, cream cheese, black and gold, smell of fresh laundry, Mac and Cheese, my kids feet, and….PHOTOGRAPHY!

Susie (S)

Susie Canino

One of my favorite photographers once said, “An image should not only be seen with your eyes, but felt in your heart.” And, I can honestly say this is my motivation. I want to create images that make you feel. Feel the way he makes your heart race, feel the way your baby warms your heart, just feel… In life, moments are too soon a memory. And, with photography, it actually freezes that moment so that you can reminisce on that memory. Once I picked up a camera, I was hooked. I was able to capture moments that others may overlook, or not even notice at all. Having children of my own has made me so much more aware of those in between moments that we can often forget. The missing tooth, the awkward way they crawled, the squishy face when they smile… Those are the less than perfect moments. But those are the ones I will forever cherish. Striving for that with my own clients, I know that years down the line, they will appreciate the toothless grin, or that goofy walk, etc.
And, I also use that to inspire me with weddings. That stolen glance, the way he gently holds her hand, or the way she flirts with her eyes… Weddings are purely emotional events. Not only a change in status, but a change in life. The part of the wedding that always gets me teary eyed (and yes, I practically cry at almost every wedding, no lie) is the father-daughter dance. It’s so emotional because imagine the father’s thoughts. This is daddy’s little girl. And, he has to give her to a new man, someone else has to take care of her, love her, keep her safe… It’s no longer his responsibility. And, when the tears roll down daddy’s face and she reaches to wipe it, that’s the moment. One client lost her father shortly after her wedding, and she thanked us for the images that captured them together. And, my heart ached for her, but I was so happy that our images can make her remember the happy times. And, it makes it all worth it. Those are the moments I love.
For those who know me, they can attest that I’m very emotional. I can be dramatic (a lot dramatic, actually). I love my 3 little munchkins to pieces. My husband still wines and dines me. I have to have my daily dose of coffee (preferably a Grande Upside-down Caramel Macchiato, please).  I always take life with a grain of salt, plus a slice of lemon, and a shot of Patron!  I need cookies and cream ice cream. I have a shoe obsession (especially wedges! I am somewhat vertically challenged). I can’t live without my iPhone.  I collect nail polish. And, I love shooting people.


Lauren Alatriste

Life is not about the amount of breaths you take. It’s about the amount of moments that take your breath away. I want to be there to capture those moments. To say my job is amazing is an understatement. I love that it’s my job to take your memories and turn them into art, allowing you to see how beautiful your happiness is! From coming of age shoots, to weddings, to new babies, to shoots that celebrate your family, I really am surrounded by happiness in every stage of human life, making me so lucky! In my first semester in college, I was studying film. I wanted to become a movie director. But what I realized was, in the movie industry, you’re escaping from reality into your imagination. What made me love photography so much was that its celebrating your reality, allowing me to capture the things that matter the most. I’m not corny, I’m just blessed to truly love what I do. One day I will be married with children, but for now, my love for photography is number one.  P.S. Besides photography I love: the color black, an uncontrollable laugh, fashion magazines, Instagram and Pinterest, a high bun, black&whites, Malbec, cheese, my four dogs, a night out with friends, any movie with Will Smith, cruises, Lana del Rey, online shopping, and high-waisted skirts.