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Our new styled shoots are the perfect portrait for those that want to try something different than the average shoot. We not only help you choose a unique location, but we assist you with wardrobe and accessories to make sure your shoot will be one to remember! For more information, please contact us at info@psphotography.net, and let us start styling your session!

{Vivian + AJ} Say I Do | Epic Miami Wedding Photography

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It's all in the details...

{Happy Valentine’s Day} from PS

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We wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day with an image that is sure to make you smile!
“If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love.” ~ Maya Angelou

{PS in Floridian Weddings} Tina + Mike’s Wedding

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Tina + Mike’s wedding was featured on Floridian Weddings today! Love to get some love! So, follow the link to see the feature, and be sure to say hi once you’re there! CLICK HERE

{PS on Baby Lifestyles}

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A few months ago, I decided to photograph my daughter, Alyssa using the wind and a pinwheel.  She absolutely loves being in front of the camera, and within minutes, I had a collection of images that I will cherish forever.  As a photographer, I always photograph other’s and their families, but never photograph my own enough!  So, I was honored when Baby Lifestyles wanted to feature that shoot on their blog.  It’s one thing to love your work, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing when others love it, too!   Honestly, I completely got swept up in the madness of holiday photography season, and forgot to post the news. So, a light bulb came on yesterday and I was reminded! Whoops! Sorry Alyssa! Take a look at the feature, CLICK HERE. ~Susie, the “S” in PS

{Baby Cesar} Miami Baby Photography

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We are always so happy to keep in touch with our brides and grooms. And when they come to us to photograph their next milestone in their lives, well it just means the world to us. Diana and Gio are now a family of three! This family lives out of state in North Carolina, so I wasn’t able to meet Cesar until they came down for the holidays. Cesar has a personality that just makes you melt. He is so scrumptious and during the studio pictures he had us all laughing. Cesar’s smiles lasted from the beginning to the end of the session, I seriously could have photographed him all day and he wouldn’t have minded. Diana and Gio, you are truly blessed and Cesar as well, you two are amazing parents and I am so happy to have met Cesar.

{Aiden on Ellen} Patty, the “P” in PS

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I will begin where I left off… I had no clue as to what to expect when we arrived in California. I was told by the Ellen DeGeneres staff that once I arrived, they would fill me in on more details as to what Aiden will be doing on the show. Just a quick recap, Aiden has been learning his states using a few iPad apps that he insisted we get him. Then, once he conquered the United States, he wanted to learn about all the countries. So, we got him some more iPad apps. Then, we found out that we were invited to the Ellen Show Friday evening, and so much has happened since then. We landed Monday and within an hour of checking into the hotel we received a call. The Ellen Show has put together a few ideas that will show off Aiden’s geography skills. Because Aiden is only four, they were worried how he would react to the stage and react to these “ideas” they thought up. So they felt he may need a rehearsal. So, we scheduled a rehearsal Tuesday afternoon, but before Aiden got to work, I promised him a day at Universal Studios Park. The Ellen Show graciously put us in a hotel inside Universal Studios, very convenient. We spent the morning having fun, just me and Aiden which was so special for us both. I always attempt to spend quality time with each of the boys individually, but sometimes it’s challenging to say the least! So I made sure we took advantage of this ‘one on one’ time so it will be a trip he wouldn’t forget. After a few rides, a big bag of cotton candy, it was time to head to the studio. The staff at the Ellen Show could not have been any nicer to us. Aiden developed a huge crush with Tracy (a staff member). After some chatting, we walked on stage, and as soon as Aiden got a glimse of the map they put together for him, his eyes widened with excitement. Then, when he was told that the map was a game that he would be playing with Ellen and the map will light up and there was a “ding” when he would get an answer, right he was so elated. He, of course, passed the rehearsal with flying colors. Then, Tracy came up with a few “games” that Aiden and I needed to play in order to prepare him for Thursday’s taping. Games like “the staring game” where you need to stare at the person who is talking to you. The second game was “the long sentence game” where you need to try to answer the question using as many words as possible. But all I kept thinking was, “Is it really even possible to prepare him for what is going to happen tomorrow”. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking of all things that could possibly go wrong; I was beyond nervous for him. My tactic from day one was to not convey too much importance about being on the show. The Ellen Show was just one more thing I had planned while in California. We would be going to Universal Studios Park, Hollywood Boulevard, visit the Griffith Observatory, oh and I almost forgot we are going to the Ellen DeGeneres show and you are going to be on TV. LOL. I think the tactic worked. Aiden never once showed any signs of being nervous, overwhelmed, or frightened. I, on the other hand, felt every possible emotion all at once when I saw him walk on that big stage. The feeling was intense and once I tuned into the backstage monitor where I was watching the live show, I saw Aiden jogging (maybe even skipping) to greet Ellen with a huge smile across his face… And I was relieved-he is going to be fine! Aiden did more than fine! He was cute, smart, funny, quirky, silly, cool, and sweet. He is amazing and so very brave. I knew that it was a big deal that Aiden was going on Ellen, but not until I was backstage with him making my way towards the stage that I realized the accomplishment. He is so special that we have been flown across the United States to be on a nationally televised show.
I am overwhelmed with pride that this boy is my son! I know that the future holds many more powerful moments that will make me feel the way I feel at this moment, but I am definitely soaking it all in and enjoying the moment. I am so blessed in so many ways and right now at this moment in time life couldn’t be any better.
And if you weren’t able to see my Aiden on the show, here is a clip from yesterday’s show.
~Patty, the “P” in PS

P.S. Ryan Seacrest was backstage and spoke to us for a bit, “So sweet, congratulations Aiden on a job well done!” Love him… Talk about being starstruck!

{Aiden’s going to Hollywood} Patty, the “P” in PS

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I am overjoyed with the news my family got on Friday night. What began as a simple conversation about the Ellen DeGeneres show has ended with my son being flown to California to be on TV! It all started three weeks ago when I innocently showed off Aiden’s geography knowledge on Facebook. It was a short video I posted of Aiden on Christmas Day playing with his new present-a map of the world. This last Christmas, Aiden’s Christmas list had anything and everything to do with geography. The geography obsession all started with a simple iPad game, and well now he is a geography whiz! So the idea of submitting his story to Ellen came during a photo shoot when a client was so impressed with Aiden’s Facebook video and said “you have to put him on the Ellen Degeneres Show”. That night I decided to write to Ellen’s show! Aiden has been begging to visit another country, state, city, anything and I thought maybe there is a tiny chance that Ellen will fly us to California. So after that email, then a conversation, four videos of Aiden, two phone interviews I am in California writing this story to share! It all happened so fast, I can not believe we are here, definitely still in shock after all we were just told two days ago that we were invited! So needless to say I am one proud momma! Aiden is an amazing boy. He is so many wonderful things, however it really is impressive how much he knows about the world. He can pin point EVERY country on a map. He can pin point every state in the United States and knows every state capital. He is currently learning the capitals of the countries as well. He can tell you where Mount Rushmore is, the Grand Canyon, he can tell you where the Taj Majal is and the Eifel Tower. Every day he learns more and more! So today we have a short rehearsal at Ellen’s studio and then the show is taped tomorrow and airs Thursday! I have to admit, I am a bit worried with him being on that big stage. I just want him to be confident up there and just be Aiden. I have done a little preparing, we have watched a few episodes that featured kids, practiced his dancing moves and of course picked out his outfit that he will be wearing (a shirt with his favorite country on it). I just know this trip will end with amazing experiences, fond memories and many new stories! I will be taking lots of pictures and of course will be sharing them here on the blog, but for now set your TV to record Thursday, January 31st at 4pm The Ellen DeGeneres Show!!! ~ Patty, the “P” in PS

Oh, CLICK HERE to view the You Tube channel of his videos…

{Selma + Matt} Say I Do | Miami Beach Wedding Photography

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A wedding full of color, culture and love. Selma and Matt chose the Bath Club in Miami Beach for their wedding venue and expected a beach side ceremony. But, Mother Nature had other plans. In some cultures, rain is good luck, and can indicate a stronger unity in a marriage So, when the rain came down, it wasn’t stressful, espcially since the “Plan B” is an indoor space with wood floors, fireplace, antique chandeliers; it was a perfect location for their nuptials. This couple, I can tell, puts family first and it was noticed throughout the night. From Matt’s dad’s words during the ceremony, then on to the toast where eyes glistened with tears of joy; these families really did unite on this special day. One of my favorite parts of the wedding was when Selma was “crowned” queen of toasts, she supposedly made the best toast ever at her brother’s wedding and stakes were high for Selma’s brother this night to return the favor, but he gave the title to Selma. And Selma took the title with much gloating and stood high with her arms up showing her accomplishment, it got the whole room laughing including us. The guests were spoiled with signature drinks (smoke included), Indian food that made your palet melt, and a cake and dessert table fit for a king. The night ended with shots, dancing and a dress change. Selma put on a vibrant blue dress that set the tone for partying. Below are the photographs that tell the story of this colorful night, thank you Selma and Matt for letting us be a part of your big day and for letting us chow down some Indian food (the “S” first time trying Indian food)-YUM! xoxoxo ENJOY!

It's all in the details...

{Jacky + Jon} Say I Do | Miami Beach Wedding Photography

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It’s hard not to create a bond with our clients, especially our wedding clients.  Can you imagine being a part of one of the most important day of their lives, being there from beginning of the planning to the big day and well after their wedding.  Its no wonder we love what we do.  Meeting couples that are head over heels in love starting their new lives together and then growing as a family.  We are so lucky to witness all these happy moments and not just be there for them but capture memories for them.  As a photographer shooting behind the camera you have no choice but to analyze your subjects.  In this wedding, I was constantly staring at Jacky and waiting for her huge open mouth smile that I love.  This couple is so charismatic that I kind of felt like a stalker just waiting for the right moment to snap.  Although Jacky will tell you differently, but these two were great in front of the camera.  They were great in the sense that they really opened up to me and let me in to see how they really are as couple.  This couple is a lot of things, but if I had to describe their relationship in three words they would have to be genuine, real, and goofy….LOL….well it’s the truth.  During their engagement session they were so funny with one another, cracking jokes and teasing one another…..loved it all!  So because of the holiday rush I never got a chance to showcase their engagement session so I decided to include a few pics in at the end of this post.  As for the wedding day of course it was full of surprises and full of laughter.  One moment that is definitely worth mentioning is that we bumped into Courtney Cox and of course Jon with his suave-self made sure he got a picture with her.  After the star struck moment wore off, Jon said “of course this would happen to us on our wedding day, no surprise”.  I kind of can see how luck might follow this couple around.  Another moment that I was pre-warned about was the henna party that would happen towards the end of the night.  When I first heard about this henna party we were at Starbucks chit chatting after the engagement shoot and after he said henna party I remember thinking can this wedding get any better.  It had all the right ingredients for a great day of shooting, amazing couple, awesome vendors, beautiful location and now a henna party…..YES….WOOHOO!  It may sound silly to some, but little things like this make us very happy, we love the unexpected!  So when I asked them more about this henna party Jon said, “It’s so crazy and the rush is so intense that even you will probably get henna on your hand whether you like it or not.”  I can probably go on and on about this wedding but I will just let the images do the talking.  I only hope these images give an inside view of what this couple is all about, whether you’re a stranger or you know this couple intimately, I think you will fall in love with them just like we did.  Jacky and Jon I am so happy we met and I am soooooooo honored to have captured all these beautiful moments for you, I hope we keep in touch for always.


Here’s their gorgeous engagement session!

It's all in the details...

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