{Rene} First Holy Communion Photography

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It was so great to see an old friend again. Letty and I keep in touch via Facebook but I haven’t seen her in 15 years (since high school)! I also got meet her super handsome boy Rene. We met at the studio and it took me two seconds to get a glimpse of this boy’s adorable personality. When it was time to get him in his suit (purchased and brought all the way from Europe, grandma’s present) he needed no help. He dressed himself with such ease and such maturity. At one point Letty started to help him with his shoes and he quickly took over making sure to use the plastic thingy that you put in the heel of the shoe and it helps you slide the shoe on. I am telling you this boy is going to be a chic magnet. He is so sweet and so GQ, love it! Needless to say Rene was a total ham in front of the camera and I had no problem getting some images that showcased his suave look!

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{Dorian} First Communion Photography

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Communion photographs are expected by most to be very traditional and classic and… well boring. I am not one to take away a tradition, actually traditions are important to me, but my creative side can’t bare to take a boring photo LOL. So my mission is to create photographs that encompass a Catholic tradition but with a creative twist. I think I accomplished all these things with Dorian’s Communion Portraits. I really enjoy photographing this age group and it’s so sad to say it hardly ever happens. As a mom and a photographer, I am all about preserving memories. I look back at my own photographs as a child and I think I can count on my hands how many photographs I have of myself when I was 7-8 years old, I am aware I am not the only one with these forgotten years. Well, I am happy for communions since it forces some parents to capture their child at such a great age.

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{Aryanna} Miami Styled Shoot | Children’s Photography

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I can go on and on about what I love about my god daughter, Aryanna. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I love her adult like personality, I love how she takes care of my boys like if she is a little mommy to them (even Aiden which is just 9 months younger than her, LOL), I absolutely love that she “Miss Independent” and she knows who she is and what she wants, I love that she drinks hot tea and salads like her mommy; I also love her in front of my camera. Aryanna is a dream to photograph, she has this look that I can’t get enough of. I may be biased, but I think she is just perfect! I wanted to experiment with Aryanna and do a shoot that is the opposite of what most of my clients would probably want in hopes that maybe I can get people to think outside of the box. When I look at these images I think of art instead of a portrait session and that’s what makes them so interesting. I would love to have more creative control when it comes to planning my clients shoots. I hope this is the beginning of many more creative, unique art pieces that we will be able to create for our clients. If this kind of shoot intrigues you call us ASAP because I am kinda of excited in doing this again!!! ~Patty, the “P” in PS

{Victoria’s First Year}

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There is not much to say about this family that I haven’t said already. Our first year plan allows us to stay connected with our clients. Rosy had her maternity session with us and then chose to take advantage of our first year plan. So needless to say I’ve gotten really close to this family and have become totally smitten with them! Victoria just turned one and looking thru all her past shoots I got so sentimental I could only imagine what Rosy and Eladio are going to feel watching this slideshow! This slideshow if anything can attest how fast kids grow and how important it is to document this special time. Below is the slideshow of all her photos that I had the honor of taking and I also included my favorites from her last photo shoot (her one year photos).

{Baby Cesar} Miami Baby Photography

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We are always so happy to keep in touch with our brides and grooms. And when they come to us to photograph their next milestone in their lives, well it just means the world to us. Diana and Gio are now a family of three! This family lives out of state in North Carolina, so I wasn’t able to meet Cesar until they came down for the holidays. Cesar has a personality that just makes you melt. He is so scrumptious and during the studio pictures he had us all laughing. Cesar’s smiles lasted from the beginning to the end of the session, I seriously could have photographed him all day and he wouldn’t have minded. Diana and Gio, you are truly blessed and Cesar as well, you two are amazing parents and I am so happy to have met Cesar.

{Jayden + Family} Holiday Session | Miami Family Photography

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This holiday season has been full of clients that willing to think outside the box! Heidi was open to suggestions when it came to the location and style of her family portrait session and I took advantage. We chose the Gold Coast Railroad Museum as a location, perfect setting for a boy! Jayden was in awe of the trains and although it took a few tries we were able to get lots of smiles from him! I can’t wait to start designing their Christmas card!

{Baby Angel} Welcome Baby | Miami Newborn Photography

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Choosing a name for your baby for some can be challenging but not for these new parents. The name Angel only seemed fitting for their new little miracle, named after his grandfather who watches over him from above. This family is so sweet and Glorianne and Nelson are such proud parents. The little time that I spent with this family, I sensed so much love. Congratulations to these new parents, Angel is truly the sweetest little angel!

{Velasco Family} Holiday Session | Miami Family Photography

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So, we haven’t blogged in about 2 weeks. I know, I know. I’m slacking. But, no! We have been so busy the last few weeks, but, here’s a sneak peek from our first Holiday Session of the year!
My favorite time of year is here, the HOLIDAYS! Not only does it guarantee cooler weather and Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte but above all it means lots and lots of family shoots. The first holiday shoot of the season was the very punctual and easy going Velasco Family. I received a text from Miriam about a month ago ready to reserve her date “before the crazy rush”. It was the perfect shoot to kick off the season. I enjoy this family’s shoot every year, they pretty much allow me to do whatever I want….oh JOY! So I helped with the girls outfit, found the spot and VOILA…masterpiece, LOL but serisously I couldn’t be happier with the outcome I hope Miriam feels the same.


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