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{Aiden’s going to Hollywood} Patty, the “P” in PS

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I am overjoyed with the news my family got on Friday night. What began as a simple conversation about the Ellen DeGeneres show has ended with my son being flown to California to be on TV! It all started three weeks ago when I innocently showed off Aiden’s geography knowledge on Facebook. It was a short video I posted of Aiden on Christmas Day playing with his new present-a map of the world. This last Christmas, Aiden’s Christmas list had anything and everything to do with geography. The geography obsession all started with a simple iPad game, and well now he is a geography whiz! So the idea of submitting his story to Ellen came during a photo shoot when a client was so impressed with Aiden’s Facebook video and said “you have to put him on the Ellen Degeneres Show”. That night I decided to write to Ellen’s show! Aiden has been begging to visit another country, state, city, anything and I thought maybe there is a tiny chance that Ellen will fly us to California. So after that email, then a conversation, four videos of Aiden, two phone interviews I am in California writing this story to share! It all happened so fast, I can not believe we are here, definitely still in shock after all we were just told two days ago that we were invited! So needless to say I am one proud momma! Aiden is an amazing boy. He is so many wonderful things, however it really is impressive how much he knows about the world. He can pin point EVERY country on a map. He can pin point every state in the United States and knows every state capital. He is currently learning the capitals of the countries as well. He can tell you where Mount Rushmore is, the Grand Canyon, he can tell you where the Taj Majal is and the Eifel Tower. Every day he learns more and more! So today we have a short rehearsal at Ellen’s studio and then the show is taped tomorrow and airs Thursday! I have to admit, I am a bit worried with him being on that big stage. I just want him to be confident up there and just be Aiden. I have done a little preparing, we have watched a few episodes that featured kids, practiced his dancing moves and of course picked out his outfit that he will be wearing (a shirt with his favorite country on it). I just know this trip will end with amazing experiences, fond memories and many new stories! I will be taking lots of pictures and of course will be sharing them here on the blog, but for now set your TV to record Thursday, January 31st at 4pm The Ellen DeGeneres Show!!! ~ Patty, the “P” in PS

Oh, CLICK HERE to view the You Tube channel of his videos…

{Valentine’s Day}

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We are excited to have expanded our Miami studio… So to celebrate, we are offering a great boudoir package, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Give us a call at 888-382-3186 or email us at info@psphotography.net for more information or to schedule your session!

Crazy Busy…

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This past month has been crazy busy. From multiple weddings a weekend at a time, to a weeks full of holiday sessions, it has been B-U-S-Y at PS Photography. So, needless to say, we are behind on our blogging. We try very hard to keep up, but, sometimes, I gotta “throw my hands up in that air, and wave ‘em like we just don’t care”. No, really, I mean we have to just come to terms with neglecting the blog a little, and making sure our wedding clients and portrait clients get their images in time to do holiday cards, and holiday gifts. So, come January, we’ll be back to consistently blogging. Promise. But, in the meantime, sit tight and enjoy a few sneak peeks of our recent shoots, weddings, and such.
Patty (the P) and Susie (the S)

Pinch me… Sir Elton John! AHHHHHH!

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How an amazing event turns into one of the most memorable nights of our career…

We were so happy when we got the phone call from one of our frequent clients (thanks to Design 42 for introducing us). She was having a bash for her 50th birthday at their home and she wanted us to capture it all for her. One thing that stood out during the planning process was that there was going to be a celebrity guest at the event, but the identity would remain a mystery! <insert gasp> Our first hint as to who this could be was on the actual day of the event. We knew from past experience that this family knew how to throw a glamouros party. However, we were speechless when we stepped into the panoramic glass tent; the décor was amazing! Once we stopped drooling over the décor, we noticed there was a piano center stage. Ah HA! A hint! We luckily had a private portrait session with the family and the mystery guest. The wait was finally over! We walked into a room and met Sir Elton John! <insert scream> We literally had to remind ourselves to breathe. Even writing this story reminds us how lucky we are. We had the opportunity to meet and better yet, photograph one of our icons! It’s all a blur, but thank God we have photographs (and plenty of them). Elton John played all his greatest hits. A few times in between shooting, we stopped to take it all in. He truly is amazing. Just Elton, a piano, and us just steps away from him…surreal! Each and every time we tell the story we appreciate the opportunity that we had more and more… WE photographed Elton John!

PS Did I mention we got to hear him sing for over an hour?!?!?

PS on Deco Drive: Announcing our “New Session”!

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So, you have to watch to find out what our “New Session” will be!  Ok, here’s a hint…  Do you like sports?  Well, then you’d better watch tomorrow, Tuesday January 11th at 7:30pm on WSVN 7, Deco Drive!  Super excited!

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