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Shelli and Josh Vizcaya Wedding | Miami Wedding Videography

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Shelli and Josh are the epitome of a couple in love. They have a funny start to their #couplegoals romance. Long story short.. the bride’s sister is married to the groom’s brother! What are the odds of that happening?! We love how playful these two are with one another. Shelli has such a spunky and energetic personality. As we walked into her getting ready room, we heard he rapping to some Biggie (and she knew every single word!). Josh has a great smile and doesn’t seem to put it away when he’s around Shelli. We love it when a couple (and coordinator, thanks Elite Planning Firm) give us a significant amount of time to document portraits. It was such a breeze getting some amazing footage for this charismatic couple.

To view their wedding day pictures, CLICK HERE.

Kristian + Carlos | Miami Wedding Videography

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We just love a party… And this wedding was one big party. From the start of the day, both Kristian and Carlos’s rooms were filled with friends and family keeping the energy up. You could even hear the guys down the hall singing, telling stories and laughing. And, who doesn’t love a girl that drinks bubbly straight out of the bottle? This makes our job so much easier! We can sit back and capture exactly what is happening, without interruption. It truly felt like we were part of the family by the end of the night! And, this ambiance continued the entire day. It was literally the life of the party marrying the life of the party! Even at the church, the priest chimed in and was able to get the congregation to laugh and chuckle. And, let me tell you, the rain tried to dampen their wedding day, but they didn’t let it. Carlos grabbed the umbrella and he grabbed Kristian and we were able to create some amazing images in the rain. Their reception was in Kristian’s home, which was completely gorgeous to say the least. However, having her wedding at her home really appropriate. This helped her feel like her dad was truly with her on this special day. And, like he always said, “Life is good.” Yes, Kristian and Carlos, life is good. Life is really good.

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Jillian + Keegan | Palm Beach Wedding Videography | Flagler Museum Wedding

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Weddings at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach are always dreamy. The historic architecture, the breeze from the water, the palm tree lined property… Just always amazing. However, Jillian + Keegan’s Wedding was far beyond dreamy. It was so apparent how much this professional golfer loved his gorgeous bride. My absolute favorite part of the entire wedding was seeing Keegan’s face when Jillian started to walk down the aisle. That to me is priceless. And, he could not keep his eyes off of her the entire night. Like the video said, Keegan wasn’t into dancing all that much. But, Jillian would not let Keegan off the dance floor.

It's all in the details...

  • Wedding Planner : Jennifer J Events
  • Floral Designer : Anthology Floristry and Event Design
  • Cake and Dessert Table : Earth and Sugar
  • Catering : Chez Gourmet
  • Catering : Chez Gourmet
  • Rentals : Atlas Event Rentals
  • Venue : Flagler Museum

{Alexa + Bryan} Villa Woodbine Wedding | Miami Wedding Videography

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This wedding happened because of Bryan’s persistence. He pursued Alexa throughout high school, until he finally convinced her to let him take her out. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history. They ended up falling in love and it all came together on this day… Their wedding. Villa Woodbine served as the perfect, romantic backdrop for their wedding. Wishing this couple a lifetime of romantic moments.

{Christine and Michael} Biltmore Wedding | Miami Wedding Videography

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Christine + Michael’s Wedding Highlight Film perfectly encompasses the couple’s day. The Biltmore Hotel was the perfect venue for this wedding, with it’s rich colors and architecture… Especially since Christine + Michael are artists. They appreciate the arts and wanted a documentary style feel for their film. Press play and enjoy!

{Jennine + Reggy} The Bath Club | Miami Beach Wedding Videography

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To view Jennine + Reggy’s Wedding Pictures, CLICK HERE!

Jennine + Reggy’s wedding was perfect from start to finish. I know that sounds clich√®, but it’s so true! From the moment we walked into Jennine’s room at The Confidante, it was bustling! Laughter and chatter filled the room. The excitement was contagious! And that excitement didn’t falter the entire wedding day! The first time Reggy laid eyes on his bride, he couldn’t stop smiling. Jennine looked absolutely gorgeous! Their ceremony was officiated by the charming Father Milan and ended with glitter bombs after their first kiss. Their reception at the Bath Club in Miami Beach was one for the history books. Event Factor created an ambiance of celebration! From their confetti and nitrogen guns to their LED Robot, it kept everyone on the dance floor partying along with Jennine + Reggy.

{Binny + Jason} Eau Palm Beach + Flagler Museum | Palm Beach Wedding Videography

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Binny + Jason’s wedding weekend was spectacular. From the colors, to the traditions… It could not have been more perfect. Beginning with the Sangeet at the Eau Palm Beach, their family and friends danced and danced and danced the night away. The Baraat was one of a kind. With Jason riding in with his groomsmen on jet skis, which led into the ceremonial Baraat where Jason had to plead and convince Binny’s family that he indeed was the one for their Binny… After persuading her family, he was able to finally marry the love of his life with the Eau Palm Beach as a gorgeous backdrop. The final day was the reception. The Flagler Museum in Palm Beach created a romantic and yet festive feel. Laughter filled the room with a letter Binny wrote to her future husband back when she was in school. And, that same joy continued the entire night as they celebrated Binny and Jason!




It's all in the details...

{Ilana and Carlos} The Rusty Pelican | Miami Wedding Videography | Wedding Trailer

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Ilana and Carlos were the sweetest couple! Their wedding took place at the Rusty Pelican in Miami. Ilana wore a beautiful gown, and Carlos a classic tux. Their timeless look was surrounded by Miami’s city view throughout the entire day. One of our favorite moments was Carlos’s loving reaction when he saw his gorgeous bride for the first time. We fell in love with them after seeing how cute their first-look interaction was. Ilana and Carlos were very clear that their family was important to them, so we showcased them alongside the couple in the highlight reel. We love to show off what is important to our clients. In this case it was their love, their family, and the fun they had on their big day. Watch for yourself.

{Lauren + Jonathan} EPIC Hotel Wedding | Miami Wedding Videography

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{Lauren + Jonathan} Wedding Highlight | EPIC Hotel from PS Photography + Films on Vimeo.


{Lisamarie + Jojo} Trump Doral Country Club | Miami Wedding Videography

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