{Baby Gia} Newborn Photography

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So much cuteness bursting from these pictures I can hardly take it! Gia is the luckiest baby girl I know. Lets start by mentioning the fabulous array of hair bows that Gia has in her closet. I had the hardest time choosing my favorite, which ended up being the gold band with the peacock feather-so glamorous! Now as for the tutu, notice there are only two tutu shots (pink one and a brown one) that’s only because we didn’t get to photograph the other 3 or 4 tutu’s she has! I can go on and on about her wardrobe (which left me feeling kinda jealous! I mean, I wish I had a closet like Gia’s!!!) This shouldn’t surprise me considering that we know mom and dad really well. We shot their engagement, wedding, maternity and now Gia. I have a feeling this little girl is going to be a fashionista when she grows up. After all, it runs in the blood.


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