{Rene} First Holy Communion Photography

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It was so great to see an old friend again. Letty and I keep in touch via Facebook but I haven’t seen her in 15 years (since high school)! I also got meet her super handsome boy Rene. We met at the studio and it took me two seconds to get a glimpse of this boy’s adorable personality. When it was time to get him in his suit (purchased and brought all the way from Europe, grandma’s present) he needed no help. He dressed himself with such ease and such maturity. At one point Letty started to help him with his shoes and he quickly took over making sure to use the plastic thingy that you put in the heel of the shoe and it helps you slide the shoe on. I am telling you this boy is going to be a chic magnet. He is so sweet and so GQ, love it! Needless to say Rene was a total ham in front of the camera and I had no problem getting some images that showcased his suave look!

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