{Meet the PS Team}

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PS Photography has been just the P (Patty) and the S (Susie) since the beginning.  But, as we’ve grown, we’ve learned that we need more than just PS to help make sure we keep up with our clients. So, we added to the PS team. And, we couldn’t be happier. Loving it! So, welcome to PS Photography!!!
Lauren has been an amazing addition to the PS team. What started as an intern position quickly escalated to being our studio manager. The first thing you will notice about Lauren is her smile. You just can tell she is sweet without even talking to her. Lauren started on a Monday, and by the end of the week she already had her elbows deep into PS. She is what PS was missing. She keeps us organized and above all allows us to continue giving the best customer service that we are known for. We are so proud of how far we have come with this company and it so exciting to add one more puzzle piece. Lauren is a vital component to help us achieve our goals and keep our company strong. So if you have yet to meet Lauren, here she is!
P.S. I forgot to mention that Lauren is an amazing photographer, she has a creative eye that we appreciate. So she will be behind the phone but also behind the camera!

So its not like we have been hiding Sofia, we just have now gotten around to showing her off! Sofia started as a “third” shooter at our weddings two years ago and she fit like a glove. Her stealth moves behind the camera are awesome. You wouldn’t even see her coming with her short self. She always got killer candid shots! Needless to say, when Sofia told us she was moving to Baltimore, we were heart broken. We were determined not to let her go completely, so we gave her a new position-photo editor. Sofia has a great sense of style and she keeps our images looking natural and authentic to PS.

So as most of you know, we adore photographing weddings. We believe photographing weddings is a two man (or woman, wink wink) team, which is why every single wedding we photograph we promise that the “P” and the “S” will be there. Our clients love having the feeling of security knowing what to expect. They know we will both be there documenting this very special day for them. Well, in some cases a wedding calls for a third photographer and that is when you will see Alan by our side. He is called to duty when we have a large wedding with lots of guests or a wedding with lots of locations or because we love to shoot with him. Whatever the reason we know that we can count on him to produce beautiful imagery that will blow us away and make our clients extra happy. He loves details as much as we do and he captures the unpredictable. Whether it’s a close up of fingers interlaced together or a detail on a wedding dress, he has a great eye for all details. He also loves capturing smiles and personality in people. He especially loves kids and is so great with them. Alan has a love of photography that is so inspiring, which above all is his best quality.


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