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{Valentine’s Day}

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We are excited to have expanded our Miami studio… So to celebrate, we are offering a great boudoir package, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Give us a call at 888-382-3186 or email us at for more information or to schedule your session!

{Veronica + Rob} Get Married | Miami Wedding Photography

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Veronica was breathtakingly beautiful.  She looked like an angel in her wedding gown.  She just glowed with happiness as she anxiously waited for the time to come.  It was just perfect, as she walked down the aisle towards the love of her life, Rob.  And, he looked on with complete joy.  Their vows were so sincere and sweet.  They celebrated with all of their family and friends at the Epic Hotel in Downtown Miami until the wee hours…  We even braved the winds and went up to the pool deck for some pictures…  Let’s just say, our light decided to go for a swim!  Good thing we always carry back up!  Lol.
Veronica + Rob, wishing you both a life full of love and laughter…  Xoxo.

It's all in the details...

{Brenda + Gianni} Get Hitched: Miami Wedding Photography

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Brenda + Gianni are one of those couples…  Beautiful, great chemistry, and so in-love!  It’s just so amazing to witness how, when they are together, the rest of the world seems to disappear, and it’s just the two of them.  (Their engagement session was no different!  Loved it!  Click here to view!)  But, their wedding day was magical from the moment she slipped on her Gabriella Arango dress and her Badgley Mischka shoes up until the last dance.  Just pure perfection!

Brenda + Gianni, we wish you so many more years of absolute bliss and love… Xo.

{Lourdes + Juan} Get Hitched: Miami Wedding Photography

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Lourdes and Juan’s wedding was classic, vintage, modern, goth and chic all wrapped into one.  They incorporated all these styles into a ceremony and reception at the historical Spanish Monastery in North Miami.  What a location and what a wedding!  There was inspiration found in every corner.  Statues, columns, crosses…rich in architectural details every where you turned.  After the ceremony ended we jumped into portrait mode to take advantage of the small window of beautiful light that we had.  I loved that we were able to incorporate some of the architecture into the portraits.  When the night fell the reception began and the first dance started!  The reception included tons of details including our standard signature book spotlighting a few favorite pictures from the couples engagement session (see picture below).  The couple also had a candy station, an espresso station and my favorite detail of the night CHURROS!  I take it back, I did think the churros being passed out as a midnight snack was such a cool touch; I think PS Photography’s photo wall was even cooler!  The photo wall was a HUGE hit, we had guests coming back two and three times to try out different props that we provided and pose in silly ways.  I can not wait until we have the opportunity to do this service again, the photo wall was so much FUN to shoot!


{Jackie + Rey} Get Hitched: Miami Wedding Photography

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Jackie’s room was busy with preparations… Hair and make-up being done on several of the girls, including Jackie.  Laughter filled the room as they poured champagne and toasted to a beautiful wedding.  She slipped on her dress and looked absolutely stunning. And, her veil…  It was so gorgeous!  We just had to showcase it!  Gesu Catholic Church weddings are always breathtaking.  One of the oldest churches in Downtown Miami, it boasts of amazing architecture and tradition. But, of course, the Epic Hotel knows how to do weddings right!  Just amazing!  Ubis Music Productions lit up the room with such amazing colors which made the ambiance that much more amazing!  And, the guests at this wedding knew how to party!  And, everytime DJ Ubis played “Shots, shots, shots”, there went the crowd to the bar for some shots!  Loved that touch!!!

Jackie + Rey, may your marriage be full of love, and keep partying!!!  Shots, shots, shots!  Lol.

PS Artistry Wedding Films made a highlight video of their wedding (which is amazing), CLICK HERE to view it!

It's all in the details...

{Sandra + Scot} Get Married-Part 2: Miami Wedding Photography

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So here is Part 2 to my sister’s wedding.  Well they say rain on your wedding day is good luck so I wish that true because there was definitely rain on Sandra and Scot’s wedding day.  There was a terential down pour that lasted a long 5 minutes about 30 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start.  We were all up in the suite with Sandra taking portraits and enjoying some champagne when I glanced out the window to see this down pour, I almost choked on my champagne.  I quickly closed the curtains and ran downstairs and went into matron of honor mode.  After debating back and forth I decided to continue on with the plan of having the ceremony outside with the risk of more rain coming.  I know I am crazy but the alternative I knew was going to be such a dissapointment for my sister.  Since everything was setup huppa, seats, seat cushions, flowers everything it unfortunately all got wet and it was impossible to have the huppa brokendown and then put together again indoors.  So the ceremony went on outside.  In less than 30 minutes the biltmore staff, mystique flowers staff, and the girls of Ariel and Crystal Events ran around like chickens with their heads cutoff.  But they pulled it off!  They swept the rain puddles onto the grass, removed the pink cushions that were soak from the seats, dried off the seats, removed the rain from inside the acrylic huppa and so much more.  The ceremony began with a groomsen on the guitar stringing the beatles song “Here comes the sun” which is ironic she chose that song because it started to drizzle as Sandra and my dad walked down the long staircase of the Biltmore.  But just as it came it went as soon as Sandra and Scot joined hands.  I must say at this point I was seriously feeling light headed, so many emotions were going thru my head.  The fear of it raining more than just a drizzle so that the ceremony would come to a hault and everyone would have to dart indoors was an image that could not leave my head.  But of course my sister as soon as she whipped out her vows from her chest she made me laugh so much that my focus was on them and the ceremony.  It did not rain the rest of the day and the ceremony was full of laughter and tears.  My favorit part of course was the first kiss and the exiting down the alter, total bliss was covering their faces.  The photographs that Susie, Emily and Sofia took I think totally captured the emotion of the ceremony.  So then comes the portraits, part 3 coming soon!

It's all in the details...