{Aimee + Simon} Say I Do | Miami Beach Wedding Photography

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Sitting across the Flat Iron Lounge in NYC, Simon sees Aimee walk in. He’s introduced to her by Vanessa, a mutual friend. “We hit it off immediately… even if aided by a few gin and tonics!” Aimee says.
The proposal is one for the books. Simon conspires with Aimee’s best friend, and man of honor, Jonathan to help him get Aimee to Paris for a getaway. And, when Aimee arrives at her hotel, she opens the door to her room, and Simon is on the balcony with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. “You know, people always ask me why I’ve never been to Paris before,” he said to her. “It’s because I never met the right girl to take…” Swoon!!!
Their wedding took place in Miami Beach. We started the day at the W Hotel South Beach, where both Aimee and Simon got ready for their big day. Aimee’s room was full of laughter, tears and more laughter! Aimee’s gift to Simon was a very unique one, I must admit. It was a custom painting with lots of little hidden clues… Their ceremony was an emotional one, as Aimee and Simon say their vows. The reception had even more tears, as Aimee’s father delivered a heartfelt toast. Not a dry eye in the room. Their first dance began the party, and they danced with all their family and friends, who all came from all parts of the world. From Canada, to England, and even from across the country. Just a spectacular event. If it is any indication of their relationship, it will be a marriage full of love & laughter.
P.S. To see their highlight video by Ever After Cinema, CLICK HERE.

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