{Leah + Martin} Say I Do|Deering Estate Wedding

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Leah + Martin’s Wedding was so beautiful at the historic Deering Estate!  The day started perfectly, with some one on one time with Martin, then with Leah.  Such amazing photos…  The ceremony went off without a hitch, as they were hitched!  You can just see the love they had for eachother as they said their vows.  As Martin stepped on the glass, you heard cheers of “Mazel Tov”!  Their first dance was so elegant, it was hard not to admire their grace as they glided across the dance floor.  The night was pure perfection, so to Leah and Martin, Mazel Tov!

Thanks to Karma Goddess Event Planning & Visual Design, LiquidDJs, Petal Productions + David Schwadron Catering!



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