{Sindhu + Corey} Say I Do|Palm Beach Wedding Photography

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Sindhu + Corey’s love story began when they were both introduced to each other by a mutual friend. He swept her off her feet, and in one year, Corey was down on one knee in the St. Augustine Fort at Sunset. And, coincidentally, there was a wedding being held at the fort at the same time. Sindhu’s culture usually has arranged marriages, so she never really dreamed of a wedding like most little girls do. But, Corey stole her heart, so he made sure to make her feel like a true princess for the day. And, Sindhu truly looked like one.
It’s so nice to see when couples have this bond together. It’s as if they have a silent understanding, by just their glance they each know exactly what the other is feeling. And, that is what being with Sindhu + Corey is like. Almost like they have a secret language spoken through their eyes… It’s so magical. And, to witness the absolute adoration that Corey has for Sindhu is breathtaking. But, Sindhu is not too far behind! “He usually says I take his breath away. But when I saw him for the first time, he took mine.”

It's all in the details...


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