Why “P” + “S”?

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As some of you know PS Photography is a duo team of two photographers (the “P” is for Patty and the “S” is for Susie).  From the start we knew that above all, we wanted to offer the BEST quality of wedding photography to our clients.  We knew that having two photographers was a must in every wedding; this was obvious to us.  So we decided that each and every one of our wedding collections would include both Patty and Susie as primary shooters.  From 2007 to present, it seems that brides are realizing the importance of two photographers at their wedding, which has made photographers in our area either include a “second photographer” or offer it at an additional cost.  Now what differs between them and us is that you are not just getting a second “MYSTERY” shooter, but you are getting Patty and Susie.  This is something that I think a lot of brides are over-looking.  After all, who is this second shooter that the photographer is including in your package? What is their experience, style, personality?  Isn’t it important to have confidence not only with your primary photographer but also the second photographer that will be responsible of capturing your wedding day?  I am so proud of the quality of photography we offer to our clients.  Although we are two photographers that have the ability to split up our talent in order to do more weddings, we choose to remain different from the rest, and above all, we choose to stay loyal to what we stand for.


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