Kristian + Carlos | Miami Wedding Videography

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We just love a party… And this wedding was one big party. From the start of the day, both Kristian and Carlos’s rooms were filled with friends and family keeping the energy up. You could even hear the guys down the hall singing, telling stories and laughing. And, who doesn’t love a girl that drinks bubbly straight out of the bottle? This makes our job so much easier! We can sit back and capture exactly what is happening, without interruption. It truly felt like we were part of the family by the end of the night! And, this ambiance continued the entire day. It was literally the life of the party marrying the life of the party! Even at the church, the priest chimed in and was able to get the congregation to laugh and chuckle. And, let me tell you, the rain tried to dampen their wedding day, but they didn’t let it. Carlos grabbed the umbrella and he grabbed Kristian and we were able to create some amazing images in the rain. Their reception was in Kristian’s home, which was completely gorgeous to say the least. However, having her wedding at her home really appropriate. This helped her feel like her dad was truly with her on this special day. And, like he always said, “Life is good.” Yes, Kristian and Carlos, life is good. Life is really good.

To view their wedding day photos, CLICK HERE.


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